2019 FD MOMENTS Denofa vs Forsberg (Evergreen Speedway)

2019 FD MOMENTS Denofa vs Forsberg (Evergreen Speedway)

In this Moments, we profile a very talked about battle, of which, the public outcry was both strong and often vicious.

Chris Forsberg and Chelsea Denofa at Evergreen Speedway finalized in a point of contact just past inside clip #1.

Chris admitted that he made a slight mistake in that area due to the increased grip that he had in the car to try and keep up with the faster Mustangs. The car loaded up and he had to downshift in a non-decel area. The judges did not think that the punctuation was enough to off-set Chelsea’s increased speed to close the gap and they awarded the win to Chris.

Chelsea was not believing Chris’ explanation and what ensued was a confrontation from Chelsea to Chris that also resulted in an internet dogpile that sadly was not representative of what we all love about the drifting community.

It is our hope, from the FD standpoint, that all though drifting fans are extremely passionate about their favorite drivers; when something controversial happens, we all take a deep breath and try not to jump to conclusions about people’s intentions.

In this episode, you hear from both sides, not only about the event itself but also part of the aftermath.

We are all in this sport because we love it and we hope that these content pieces show or demonstrate FD’s willingness to talk about things that people often think that we want to shy away from.