Ride Snowboard presents OFF COURSE

Produced by: Gabe Langlois, Tanner McCarty, Jake Blauvelt
Directed and Edited by: Gabe Langlois
Principal Cinematography: Gabe Langlois, Paul Watt, Brandon Kelly
Aerial Cinematography: Gabe Langlois
Camera Assistant / Production Assistant: Christian Bertrand
Colour: David Tomiak /Silver Lining Post
Sound Mix: Keith White / Keith White Audio
Graphic Design: Javas Lehn
Featuring: jake Blauvelt, Shayne Pospisil, Jake Welch

A very special thanks to Tanner McCarty – Ride Snowboards, Andrew Goggins – Ten Barrel Brewing, Mike Last – Sigma Canada

A special thanks:

Leah Langlois
Kristen Blauvelt
The Langlois family
The Blauvelt family
Shin Campos
Stuart Andrews
Abby Andrew
Paul Watt
Christian Bertrand
Cholo Burns
Jenna Burns-Low
Adidas Snowboarding
Smith Optics
The North Face
Purl Wax
Salt and Stone
Rube and Sam Goldburg
Brandon Kelly
Dave Seaton
Lorne Lapham
Cole Brash
Shayne Pospisil
Jake Welch
Leanne Pelosi
Robin Van Gyn
Austin Sweetin
Skye Sheeley
TL City Locals
The Mighty Selkirks